Automatic remote monitoring of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus


Automatic remote monitoring of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus(Red Palm Weevil - RPW) traps

This product is an innovative solution to remote RPW monitoring. Classical, plastic RPW traps are modified to include a sensor that senses adult pests falling in the trap. The counts of the pests are accumulated through the day and the counts are transmitted via the mobile network straight to a smartphone or tablet or internet address.

The implications of this approach reach far:

  1. 1.Manual counting is tedious as the pest manager must cover long distances since palms are dispersed in not always easily reachable areas. The transmission of counts minimizes the labour inspection cost and movement of specialized personnel thus releasing valuable funds that can be used for the treatment of infested trees.
  2. 2.Due to the cost of deploying and examining traps manually, currently not many traps are being deployed, thus limiting the spatial and temporal resolution of collected census data in large areas. With our ground-breaking product a large network of traps can be deployed to monitor large areas of interest.
  3. 3.The automatic monitoring task delivers data to base instantaneously thus allowing treatment policies to be scheduled. The transmission of counts through simple SIM cards (the same used by cell phones) takes no time and therefore results are available on-line on daily basis. Therefore the extent of the problem can be quickly assessed and a treatment policy can be designed. This would be very difficult with typical manual delivery of counts as in the current human-in the loop process because of its cost is sparsely applied and once the data are manually delivered the problem has evolved to an unknown state due to the time-lag between inspection of the whole network and reality.

An automated trapping system that would count and transmit measurements from the field to an internet page using the cellular mobile network would increase census data accuracy, reduce labour expenses associated with manual monitoring, improve capabilities for monitoring larger areas and potentially reduce the amount of chemicals. Our approach is cost efficient, robust (only simple numbers are transmitted not pictures nor audio) and power efficient as the state-of the art low power electronics employed allow functioning for 2 months unobtrusively.

Our product is a stand-alone device that is easily attached inside plastic conical black colour (Picusan type traps). Insects are attracted to enter the trap by a pheromone dispenser that hangs inside at the top of the trap. Generally the reverse movement of the insect out of the trap is impossible. Our product is ready to ship and has been tested extensively in the real field delivering excellent detection results. We did not observe a single case that a RPW was not detected while being inside the trap and our new version is very robust against light and weather conditions and delivers near zero false alarms.



Electronic Device

Battery re-charger

Rechargeable batteries

Picusan trap for RPW

1 pheromone dispenser

SIM card


Minimum order: 10 traps

Product ready to ship and in stock. For large quantities (>100) 10% discount is provided and delivery takes 2 weeks.



1. Open device, attach cable to batteries and insert SIM card. Use cheap SIM cards that offer the maximum number of pure text and some MBs of data storage for the GPRS.

2. Attach device inside Picusan trap on top. Unzip plastic stickers included and attach device.

3. Batteries are charged and should last 2 months.

4. Put water with common soap (avoid soaps with odours) in the bucket of the Picusan type trap.

5. Power on.