About DiodeBell

DiodeBell designs, produces and markets unique electronic devices that inform and/or act in this complicated technological era to ease our lives.

DiodeBell devotes itself to excellence. All our electronic devices are designed in the most clever and efficient way to achieve high performance and ease of operation. They save us from a lot of problems and they are at a minimal cost. The latest technological advances in electronics and microcontrollers are used extensively in our Devices allowing us to reduce their size and cost.

Our name "DiodeBell" comes from: "Diode" - the simpler active electronic component, to designates the clearness of thought and the simplicity of our design, and "Bell" - that rings, to designate the announcement of a problem before it is too late to be fixed.

DiodeBell's team of engineers consists of young devoted engineers with clear minds and fresh ideas working side by side with very experienced engineers to make our devices reliable and efficient. Our Applications engineers will guide and advice you on the best usage of the Devices and/or setting up the Operations Centers for different applications.

DiodeBell's management team will always be at your services.