Ozone Controller


Supply of low-dose but specific concentrations of ozone into the air of a storage room can be used as a very safe and effective disinfectant. Ozone can kill microorganisms on surfaces and air; it prevents their reproduction and consumes ripening produced ethylene. 

DiodeBell S.A. recognized current market demands and developed a controller that can be used with any ozone generator device. DB-OZ-100 integrates a user-friendly interface that allows all controls to be made through the built in keyboard and LCD display. DiodeBell’s ozone application system DB-OZ-100 consists of the Master Ozone (DB-MOZ-100) control device that controls one or more Slave Ozone (DB-SOZ-100) control devices. 

After reacting with microorganisms, ozone is transformed to pure oxygen and products preserve their natural state. It can be used in packaging and processing with excellent results in product shelf life extension and marketability.







Ozone system Block Diagram