Fridge Talker - FAD 022SVD

The Refrigerator Alarm Device (RAD) just plugs on the telephone line and temperature sensors go to fridge and freezer. The device calls you when refrigerator malfunctions, before the goods go bad.No batteries needed.
Two Door Sensors are integrated.
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Monitor and control your refrigerators from your telephone Refrigerators watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ensure about the quality of the goods in your fridges, refrigerators, warehouses, temperature control areas. Don’t need batteries or other power supply.

  • Easy to operate, programming and installing
  • With voice support (Greek and English) for programming and alarm
  • Needs only a telephone line
  • Alarm via telephone (public network or mobile) up to 3 different telephone numbers
  • Helps to get HACCP certificate
  • Ideal for home, country house, food production-distribution-storage,  retail stores (super markets-mini markets-kiosks), restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmacies warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, floristries, museums, green houses etc

.... and get voice information immediately, in case of wrong temperature, through the telephone line.  

 Two Door Sensors are integrated to provide additional flexibility.

The voice information is available in English or Greek language and the temperature is reported in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on version.

Choose in the following tabs the desired version:

  1.  F/C       -> Fahrenheit or Celsius
  2. Gr/Eng  -> Greek or English voice


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